Thursday, 8 November 2012

National Seminar @ Kerala University

Students from SIMPLE Groups attended the National Seminar on Relevance of Malayalam in the Field of Information Technology, jointly conducted by Dept. of Linguistics, Kerala University and KSCSTE, on 1-2 November 2012.  The seminar discusses possible ways to promote the use of Malayalam for the dissemination of information to common people. The two day sessions were chaired by dignitaries like Dr. S Rajendran, Dr. Sarathchandran Nair from the field of Computational Linguistics. In association with VRCLC, IIITM-K, participants from SIMPLE Groups presented their papers. The papers are:
  1.  Christopher Augustine, Sibi S, Rajeev R R*, Suleena K**, " Feature Extraction in Malayalam Language ", (* VRCLC, IIITM-K , **SAS SNDP Yogam College, Pathanamthitta)Read
  2. Divya S, Rinju O R, Sumi S Nair, *Rajeev R R, **Raja Varma Pamba, " Malayalam Morphological Analyser", (* VRCLC, IIITM-K , **MG University)Read
  3. Divya Das, Radhika K, Rajeev R R*, Reghu Raj P C, "Hybrid Sandhi Splitter for Malayalam using Unicode"(* VRCLC, IIITM-K)Read
  4. Ayisha Noori V K, Renuka Babu T, Saani H, Rajeev R R*, “On-line POS Tagger for Malayalam”,         (* VRCLC, IIITM-K)
  5. Athira P M, Ancy K Sunny, Pragisha K , Jithesh V.S*., Rajeev R R*, " Trilingual Dictionaries- A Generative Approach ", (* VRCLC, IIITM-K) Abstract 

Divya S and Rinju O R presenting their paper
Sibi presenting the Paper
Pragisha presenting the paper
Radhika and Divya Das presenting their paper.


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