Saturday, 1 June 2013

Industrial Training at IIITM-K

Virtual Resource Centre for Language Computing(VRC-LC) department of  Indian Institute of Information Technology and Management -Kerala(IIITM-K) had organized a short course and industrial training on Natural Language Processing exclusively for the M.Tech students of GEC, Sreekrishnapuram. 
Students with IIIT-MK crew

The course was mainly related to Malayalam computing with an emphasis on the need for enabling localization. It was a 10 days programme (from 18th May - 28th May 2013) .During the course, various eminent faculties and research scholars of VRC-LC delivered their sessions on various aspects of language processing. The demonstrations of various works proceeding in their labs gave a clear idea on the working and challenges involved in Malayalam computing for the participants. The participants were also privileged to associate with various projects, which was later demonstrated and evaluated by the esteemed panel containing the head and faculties of VRC-LC on the final day.

 The head of VRC-LC Dr. Elizabeth Sherly addressed the participants and distributed certificates to them. 
" We are always ready to help you in this area even after completing this course and also in the case of Cloud Computing " Dr. Sherly said when she addressed the participants.The course was highly motivational and opened up new aspects of Natural Language Processing especially in the area of Malayalam Computing.



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