Tuesday, 11 February 2014

CLEAR March 2014

Student's Innovations in Morphology, Phonology and 
Language Engineering (SIMPLE)-Groups
Dept. of Computer Science and Engineering
Govt. Engineering College, Sreekrishnapuram
Palakkad, 678633

Inviting Article for CLEAR March 2014

We are inviting thought-provoking articles, interesting dialogues and healthy debates on multifaceted aspects of Computational Linguistics, for the forthcoming issue of CLEAR ( Computational Linguistics in Engineering And Research) magazine, publishing on March 2014. The topics of the articles would preferably be related to the areas of Natural Language Processing, Computational Linguistics and Information Retrieval.

Call for Papers

Machine Translation
Web Information Extraction/Mining
Speech Recognition/Understanding
Information Retrieval and Extraction
Speech Analysis/Synthesis
Quantitative Linguistics
Computational Models
Language Learning
Computational Linguistics
Linguistics Modelling Techniques
Computational Theories
Multilingual/Cross-lingual Language Processing
Natural Language Processing
Corpus Linguistics
Spoken Dialog Systems
Software Engineering for NLP
Formal Linguistics-Theoretic and Grammar Induction
Language and Social Networks
Computational Semantics
Applying NLP on Domain Specific Data
Automatic Text Summarization
Lexical Semantics, Word Sense Disambiguation
Sentiment Analysis and Opinion Mining
Human-Computer Dialogue Systems
Models of Cognitive Processes
Discourse and Anaphora
Ques/Ans and Dialogue Systems
Morph Analyzer
Textual Entailment
Multimodal Representations and Processing
Natural Language Interface for Database
Deep Learning in NLP

The articles may be sent to the Editor on or before 5th March, 2014 through the email

CLEAR Magazine

Friday, 7 February 2014

Paper got published in IEEE Explore.

The paper entitled "N-gram based algorithm for distinguishing between Hindi and Sanskrit texts", co-authored by Indu, Sreejith and Dr. Reghu Raj, presented in Computing, Communications and Networking Technologies (ICCCNT),2013 Fourth International Conference, got published in IEEE explore.

The paper can be browsed by the link:  ieeexplore

Congratulations to  the authors !!!


The following papers are accepted and presented in the fourth National Technological Congress, Kerala (NATCON) 2014  organized at Govt. Engg college, Wayanad. The National Technological Congress, Kerala (NATCON) was initiated by  Centre for Engineering Research and Development (CERD), Government of Kerala, with an objective to improve the research activities in engineering colleges.

The paper entitled "Text classification for efficient news filtering using support vector machines ", authored by Mr. Nibeesh, Mr. Sreejith C and Dr. Reghu Raj P. C, has been accepted for oral presentation in Natcon 2014

Another paper "Chodyothari : Question Answering System For Malayalam " by Mr. Sreejith,  Mr. Nibeesh and Dr. Reghu Raj P. C  has been accepted for poster presentation in Natcon 2014.

Both the papers are available in the conference proceedings.

SIMPLE Groups consider this as an prideful and inspirational moment. We congratulates the authors for their notable achievements and wish them a very best.

Saturday, 1 February 2014

Workshop on Softcomputing

The three day workshop on Soft computing, was held at GEC Sreekrishnapuram from 9-11 th January 2014. It was organized by IIST Trivandrum. Eminent personalities from IIST, IIT Delhi and M.S.U Baroda gave sessions on topics Genetic algorithms, Neural networks, Fuzzy logic and Data-mining.

The workshop was inaugurated by  Dr.P.C.Reghu Raj, Principal of GEC Sreekrishnapuram.  First session was based on Fuzzy logic by Dr.Deepak Mishra, IIST Trivandrum and is followed by another wonderful session on Google Page Ranking algorithm by Dr.Sumitra.S.Nair, IIST Trvandrum. First day of workshop came to an end with a session on Artificial Neural Networks by Prof.Raju.K.George ,IIST Trivandrum followed by a lab session.

On Second day there was a great session on Genetic algorithms by Prof.V.D Pathak, M.S.U Baroda. And then there was a session on ‘Theory of Kernal Methods’ by Dr.Sumitra.S.Nair ,IIST Trivandrum. Second day ended with a lab session on ANNs.

Third day session mainly focused on Data Mining and It’s applications. The session was by Prof.B.Chandra ,IIT  Delhi.It was an interesting session.

The three day workshop came to an end with the distribution of certificates to all the participants by Prof.B.Chandra  and Prof.V.D Pathak.

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