Thursday, 7 August 2014


Yet another milestone was conquered by simple groups when the students of second batch (2012-14) of Computational Linguistics successfully completed their M.Tech course. It was an academically eventful period they spent at the institution. Research projects were taken up and several publications resulted from them. Workshops, expert talks etc., were organized by them. They also attended similar programs at various other institutions that brought about the sharing of knowledge. Their examination results were spectacular. Besides academics they also have a story of radiant life at the institution - a  story of friendship sprinkled with love, helping and taking care of each other.

A farewell party was organized by the junior batch (2013-15) for their outgoing seniors. The forenoon session of the function was a get-together of staff, faculty and students. First, Dr. P. C. Reghu Raj  shared his memories and experiences with the batch, gave a final word of advice for them and wished all of them all the successes in their future endeavors. Then the other staffs also recalled the times with them and gifted them with well wishes and enlightenments. The students also shared their memories in the college, and gave their feedback on the course and the institution. They had suggestions on how to further improve the system here and they also gave valuable directions to their junior batch regarding various aspects of the course and project works.

The forenoon function was concluded and a lush lunch was served. Then the students of both batches gathered for some games and other fun activities. The party was hilarious and filled with excitement. Towards the end, when everyone recollected their past days and took a trip down the memory lane it turned nostalgic and heart-warming. Thus the second batch of Computational Linguistics bid good bye to the college with a bunch of treasured memories and colourful achievements, with a promise to stay connected.

Wednesday, 6 August 2014

CLEAR Sept 2014


Student's Innovations in Morphology, Phonology and 
Language Engineering (SIMPLE)-Groups
Dept. of Computer Science and Engineering
Govt. Engineering College, Sreekrishnapuram
Palakkad, 678633

                  Inviting Article for CLEAR Sept 2014

We are inviting thought-provoking articles, interesting dialogues and healthy debates on multifaceted aspects of Computational Linguistics, for the forthcoming issue of CLEAR (Computational Linguistics in Engineering And Research) magazine, publishing on September 2014. The suggested area of discussion is Speech Processing.

The articles may be sent to the Editor on or before 10th September, 2014 through the email

CLEAR Magazine


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