Monday, 17 November 2014

iDravidian' 2014

The following papers from M.Tech Computational Linguistics have been accepted for the iDravidian' 2014 Symposium to be held on 17th December,2014 at Goa University, co-located with ICON 2014.
  • "Dialect Resolution: A Hybrid Approach" by Sarath K S, Manu.V.Nair, Rajeev R R, P.C. Reghu Raj
  • "Lexical Resource Based Hybrid Approach for Cross Domain Sentiment Analysis in Malayalam" by Anagha M, Sreetha K, Raveena R Kumar, Rajeev R R, P.C. Reghu Raj
  • "TnT Tagger for Malayalam with Fuzzy Rule Based Learning" by Amal Babu, Alen Jacob, Rajeev R R, P.C. Reghu Raj

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