Monday, 23 February 2015


The following papers from M. Tech Computational Linguistics are presented in the  National Conference on Advances in Engineering Techniques (NCAIET 2K15), which was held at Sri Vellappally Natesan College of Engineering on 20th February 2015.

  1. TnT-CRF based Approach for POS Tagging by Amal Babu, Manu.V.Nair, Sarath K S, Naseer C. 
  2. Classifying News Articles' Headline Using Machine Learning Approach  by Sruthi Sankar K P, Rajitha K, Naseer C.
  3. Semantic Role Labelling Using Machine Learning Approach  by Sreerekha T V, Vidya P V, Dr. P C Reghu Raj.
 The Conference was inaugurated by Shri A Manimaran, Group Director, Components Design Group, LPSC/ISRO. The function was presided by Dr. H. Ganesan, Principal, SVNCE. Dr. Rajendran, Vice-Principal, SVNCE and Dr K.B.M Nambudiripad, Visiting Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering, SVNCE, addressed the gathering. About 55 papers from students working in different areas were presented in the function.
                                            Sruthi Sankar K P, Vidya P V and Manu.V.Nair presenting papers

The paper titled "TnT-CRF based Approach for POS Tagging" presented by Amal Babu, Manu.V.Nair, Sarath K S, Naseer C won the prize for the best paper in the Department of Computer Science.

SIMPLE Groups Congratulates all of them for their achievement !!!.

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