Saturday, 4 April 2015

Malayalam typing in LaTex

              LaTeX is a commonly used technology for technical writings. Due to its algorithmic nature it can be used for simulating scientific formulas  and equations. LaTeX is the de facto standard for the communication and publication of scientific documents.

           The Comprehensive TeX Archive Network(CTAN) have developed a per-processor compiler which enables the Language Malayalam script include in your LaTeX document. There are some simple steps that we need to go through before we compiling our original .tex file. The steps are given below,

  Step 1: download the file from this link

  Step 2: unzip the zip file so you get malayalam folder then run the (command is  $ sudo sh  which is situated inside the malayalam folder.

 Step  3: then create a file with extension ".mm". (the format given in the malayalam/example folder please check it).

Step  4: wirte the malayalam word you need in "manglish" wthin the "<m></m>" tag [ eg: <m>ente peru mujEeb ennanu </m> ;; the correct formate is given in the pdf file situated in  malayalam/doc/mm-usr.pdf ].

Step 5: run "$mal  <filename>.mm  ; after successfull completion it will result you a file <filename>.tex file in the same directory. With a hex code of the manglish you typed earlier.

Step 6: you can copy that hex code and past in you tex file and run.

NB:  include this file  "ifpdf.sty" in your  Document  and  \use{malayalam} at the first

   Enjoy your malayalam typing in LaTeX !!!!!!

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