Tuesday, 29 March 2016

CLEAR Journal March 2016 Edition Published

The Fifteenth issue of CLEAR Journal. This issue contains articles on the following topics "The Much Harder Soft Computing", "Fascinating world of Neural Networks", "Darwin Evolution and Genetic Algorithm", "Fuzzy Logic- The Past, Present and Future", "Particle Swarm Optimization and its Applications". The next issue will be on June 2016.

Publication in ICEEOT

The paper entitled " Ramanujan Sum based Image kernels for computer vision", authored by  Krishnaprasad P, Ajeesh Ramanujan is published in ICEEOT 2016, pp. 1-5.Read

SIMPLE Groups, congratulate Krishnaprasad  P for his achievement.

Friday, 25 March 2016

Publication in ICCEECON

The paper entitled " A Rule Based Approach For Malayalam-English Translation", authored by  Suneera C M, Kala M T is published in International conference on Technical Challenges in Instrumentation, Computer Science, Civil, Mechanical, Electronics and Electrical Engineering, Vol 5, Issue-3, March-2016, pp. 1-4.Read

SIMPLE Groups, congratulate Suneera  C M for her achievement.

Sunday, 20 March 2016

Talk By Prof. T V Geetha

Dr. Geetha T V is a professor in Department of Computer Science & Engineering in Anna University, Chennai. She completed her M Tech from Anna University in the year 1986 and also PhD from Anna University in the year 1992. And her areas of specialisation NLP, Intelligent databases, Distributed Artificial Intelligence, Data Mining. The talk was about Text Categorization and Word sense disambiguation and various issues associated. In the following discussions there was about hand-on sections on text processing, Information retrieval techniques and different algorithms. We got wonderful opportunity to have such a session on text categorization and word sense disambiguation and we, the students of M.Tech CL is hence sincerely thankful to Head of the Department and Kala miss for providing us such an opportunity.

Saturday, 5 March 2016

Publication in International Conference on Data Mining and Big Data

The paper entitled " Novelty Detection using Ramanujan Kernel", authored by  Krishnaprasad P, Ajeesh Ramanujan is published in International Conference on Data Mining and Big Data, 2016.

SIMPLE Groups, congratulate Krishnaprasad  P for his achievement.

Workshop on Cloud Computing and Big Data Analytics

The four day workshop was held at GEC Sreekrishnapuram from February 29th – March 3rd 2016 organized by CSE Department. Eminent personalities from NIT Surathkal, GCE Kannur and MESCE Kuttippuram gave sessions on Cloud Computing Issues and Challenges, Green Cloud Computing, Mobile Computing, Cloud Service Development, Virtualization and Virtual Machines, Big Data Analytics using Hadoop, Cloud Security and CloudSim. On the first day of the workshop there was a session on Introduction to Cloud computing & Issues and Challenges by Dr. Chandrasekaran K, NIT Surathkal. Next session discussed about Green Cloud Computing, Mobile Cloud Computing. It was an interesting session. Second day session was mainly focused on Introduction to Virtualization and Virtual Machines by Mr. Lino Abraham Varghese, MESCE, Kuttippuram. Afternoon session was handled by Mr. Sreejith V P, GCE Kannur, about Cloud Service Development and followed by hands on training on communication between VMs. The third day session was on Big Data Analytics using Hadoop by Mr. Sreejith V P, GCE Kannur. Next session was training on setting up of Hadoop single node cluster by Mr. Lino Abraham Varghese. The last day dealt with Cloud Security and CloudSim by Edet Bijoy K from MESCE, Kuttippuram.


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