Saturday, 5 March 2016

Workshop on Cloud Computing and Big Data Analytics

The four day workshop was held at GEC Sreekrishnapuram from February 29th – March 3rd 2016 organized by CSE Department. Eminent personalities from NIT Surathkal, GCE Kannur and MESCE Kuttippuram gave sessions on Cloud Computing Issues and Challenges, Green Cloud Computing, Mobile Computing, Cloud Service Development, Virtualization and Virtual Machines, Big Data Analytics using Hadoop, Cloud Security and CloudSim. On the first day of the workshop there was a session on Introduction to Cloud computing & Issues and Challenges by Dr. Chandrasekaran K, NIT Surathkal. Next session discussed about Green Cloud Computing, Mobile Cloud Computing. It was an interesting session. Second day session was mainly focused on Introduction to Virtualization and Virtual Machines by Mr. Lino Abraham Varghese, MESCE, Kuttippuram. Afternoon session was handled by Mr. Sreejith V P, GCE Kannur, about Cloud Service Development and followed by hands on training on communication between VMs. The third day session was on Big Data Analytics using Hadoop by Mr. Sreejith V P, GCE Kannur. Next session was training on setting up of Hadoop single node cluster by Mr. Lino Abraham Varghese. The last day dealt with Cloud Security and CloudSim by Edet Bijoy K from MESCE, Kuttippuram.


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