Tuesday, 1 October 2019

Internship at Lymbyc

5 Students of M.Tech Computational Linguistics, 2018-20 batch, Sreeja V, Aiswarya K. Surendran, Jannya V, Shameeha N and Sari H got selected for internship program at Lymbyc, Bangalore
Profile: Sreeja V, Aiswarya K. Surendran, Jannya V, Shameeha N, Sari H

SIMPLE Groups congratulates Sreeja , Aiswarya, Jannya, Shameeha and Sari for their achievements!! 

Monday, 30 September 2019

CLEAR Journal September 2019 Edition Published

This is the Twenty-Nineth issue of CLEAR Journal. This issue contains articles on the following topics "Disease Detection in Spinach leaves using Image processing and Machine Learning" , "Paper Abstract Writing through Editing Mechanism" , "Emotion Detection Through Speech" , "Pattern recognition Using Deep Reinforcement Learning" and "Robotic Simulation Using Natural Language Commands". The next issue will be in December 2019.

Tuesday, 23 July 2019

Placed in Govt. Women's Polytechnic College, Nedupuzha, Thrissur

REMYA K R of Computational Linguistics , 2017-19 batch got placement for the post of Guest Lecturer, Govt. Women's Polytechnic College, Nedupuzha, Thrissur .

About the College: Govt. Women’s Polytechnic College, Thrissur, is the only Women’s Polytechnic College in Thrissur District and one of the pioneer Institutions in the field of Technical Education. Being an institution dedicated to the empowerment of women, it has been serving the people of this land for the past 55 years, since its establishment in 1962.This Institution since its inception has been working with its mission of developing and promoting quality technical education to Women in Thrissur and nearby districts of Kerala. This Institution provides quality Technical Education to Women and thereby empowers them to achieve great heights in their personal life.

Profile   :   Remya

Simple Groups congratulates Remya K R for her achievement!!

Placed in Almug Technologies Pvt Ltd

GAYATHRI G NAIR of Computational Linguistics , 2017-19 batch got placement for the post of Data Engineer, AI, Almug Technologies Pvt Ltd at Bangalore

About the Company: Almug is a leading analytics software company committed to helping businesses make better decisions that drive higher levels of growth, profitability and customer satisfaction. We provide unstructured data management and knowledge automation solutions, enabling businesses to recognize the value inherent in their data. Almug is backed by a team of highly qualified professionals experienced in the development and use of Natural Language Processing (NLP) solutions and mainstream enterprise IT.

Profile   :   Gayathri

Simple Groups congratulates Gayathri for her achievement!!

Placed in Mirafra Technologies

PAVITHRA C P of Computational Linguistics , 2017-19 batch got placement for the post of Junior Data Scientist, AI, Mirafra Technologies at Bangalore

About the Company: Mirafra is a global product engineering services company with expertise in semiconductor design, embedded and application software. Mirafra is a technology design services company with a high level of expertise in semiconductor design and embedded software development including applications. Founded in 2004, the company has proven expertise in ASIC design from Spec to Silicon and software development end to end.

Profile   :   Pavithra

Simple Groups congratulates Pavithra for her achievement!!

Placed in Litmus7

RESMI P of Computational Linguistics , 2017-19 batch got placement for the post of Associate Engineer Trainee, NLP, Litmus7 at Kochi

About the Company: Litmus7 is creative technologists dedicated towards building the digital future of retail. Thy are more than just a retail technology consulting company who is No.1 in engineering credibility. Their journey is all about being the most trusted partner to world's largest and most sophisticated retailers.

Profile   :   Resmi P

Simple Groups congratulates Resmi for her achievement!!

Placed in Lymbyc

ANISHA T S of Computational Linguistics , 2017-19 batch got placement for the post of Data Analyst-AI, Lymbyc Solutions Private Limited at Bangalore

About the Company: Lymbyc, a leading edge innovator in AI and Machine Learning takes inspiration from the “Limbic” brain — the part that stores, dissects, rationalizes and generates memories and actions. That’s exactly what they do — giving business users the power of a virtual analyst that is intuitive, actionable and context driven to answer all their business queries. Their vision is to empower the business leader at the point of decision-making and  to elevate analytics from just being a validation resource to an intervention mechanism with foresight

Profile   :   Anisha T S

Simple Groups congratulates Anisha for her achievement!!

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