Students' Innovation in Morphology Phonology and Language Engineering ( Abbreviated as SIMPLE) is the official website of M.Tech computational Linguistics, Govt. Engineering College, Palakkad. As the name indicates, SIMPLE is a platform for showcasing our innovations, ideas and activities in the field of Computational Linguistics. The applications of AI become much effective when systems incorporate natural language understanding capabilities. Here, we are trying to explore how human language understanding capabilities can be used to model an intelligent behavior in computers. We hope our pursuit of excellence will ultimately benefit the society as we believe “Innovation brings changes to the society.”

SIMPLE has plans and proposals for the active participation in research as well as the applications of Computational Linguistics. The association is interested in organizing seminars, workshops and conferences in this area and also looking forward to actively network with the people and organizations in this field.

 Our activities are led by the common philosophy of innovation, sharing and serving the society. We plan to bring out the association magazine that explains the current technology in a CL perspective.

Areas of Research :

1 Information Retrieval and Extraction
2 Semantic Web and Ontology
3 Speech Recognition and Synthesis
4 Malayalam Computing
5 Text and Web Mining
6 Machine Traslation
7 Big data analytics
8 Sentiment analysis and opinion mining
9 Discourse and Anaphora resolution
10 Statistical Natural Language Processing

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