M.Tech Computational Linguistics

             Enabling computers to understand human language is one of the major challenge in the field of technology. This area of human-computer interaction is called Natural Language Processing or Computational Linguistics- NLP or CL.  NLP is one of the developing areas of artificial intelligence.Hence Computational Linguistics opens a window to the world with the beauty of language and power of technology.
             Computational Linguistic is the study of computational aspects of human language. It is a subfield of Artificial Intelligence. The objective of computational linguistics is to develop models of language that deals with computational tasks related to human language, like development of software for parsing, word-sense disambiguation, compilation of dictionaries and corpora, information retrieval, machine translation etc.
             The M.Tech computational linguistic is designed as a a two year course, which covers different subjects of natural language processing, information retrieval and advanced computational subject. The course is approved by AICTE and affiliated to University of Calicut (Keral Technological University from 2015 admission onwards) . The main theme of the course is computational linguistics for better information retrieval. The students of M.Tech CL also undergo training advanced topics of NLP, Speech Processing, Machine Translation and Knowledge Representation. The admission to the course is governed by Directorate of Technical Education, Kerala. GATE qualified candidates with a B.Tech Degree in Computer Science or IT can apply. The total number of seats are 18. 

The subjects in the course are listed below:

Semester 1:

  1. Mathematical Foundations of Computer Science
  2. Natural Language Processing
  3. Computational Linguistics -1
  4. Speech Processing
  5. Elective-1
  6. Computational Linguistic Lab
  7. Seminar-1

Semester 2:

  1. Statistical Natural Language Processing
  2. Algorithms and Complexity
  3. Data and Text Mining
  4. Elective-1
  5. Elective-2
  6. Computational Linguistic Lab
  7. Seminar-2

Semester 3:

  1. Elective-1
  2. Elective-2
  3. Masters Research Project

Semester 4:

  1. Masters Research Project


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