Publications: 2013-2015 Batch

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  1.  Sreetha S, Kavitha Raju and Raseek C    "Domain Specific Automatic Ontology Population From Unstructured Documents " International Journal Of Innovative Research In Management, Engineering And Technology (IJIRMET), Vol. 1, Issue 5, June 2016 ,    Read
  2.  Rekha Raj C. T  and Reghu Raj P. C    "Text Chunker for Malayalam using Memory-Based Learning " in IEEE International conference on Control, Communication and Computing India 2015 (IEEE ICCC India 2015),  December 11 - 2015, pp. 1-8.  Read   
  3. Vidya P V , Reghu Raj P C,  and Jayan V   "Web Page Ranking Using Multilingual Information Search Algorithm - A Novel Approach " in Proceedings of International Conference on Emerging Trends in Engineering, Science and Technology (ICETEST - 2015) ,  December 9 - 2015, pp. 1-8. Read        
  4.  Nisha M, Reji Rahmath K, Rekha Raj C. T.,  and P. C. Reghu Raj   "Malayalam Morphological Analysis Using MBLP Approach" published in IEEE International Conference on Soft-computing and Network Security(ICSNS 2015) ,  February - 2015, pp. 1-5. Read.       
  5.  Kavitha Raju, Robert Jesuraj K, Samaj Babu George, and P. C. Reghu Raj     "Information Extraction from Text through Sequence Labelling", published in International Journal of Advanced Research in Computer Science and Software Engineering(IJARCSSE 2013) , 3(4), October - 2015, pp. 1-4.Read    
  6. Alen Jacob, Amal Babu and Naseer C, "CRF based Unknown Word Tag Prediction for Malayalam", in proceedings of NC CLAIR-2014. pp. 37-41 Read        
  7. Anagha M, Raveena R Kumar, Sreetha K and Naseer C, "Malayalam SentiWordnet: A Lexical Resource for Cross Domain Sentiment Analysis and Opinion Mining", in proceedings of NC CLAIR-2014. pp. 21-23 Read
  8.  Devisree V, Anjaly V, "Character relationship extraction in Malayalam", in proceedings of NC CLAIR-2014. pp. 19-20 Read.                                     
  9.  Sreerekha T V, Vidya P V, "Semantic Role Labeling", in proceedings of NC CLAIR-2014. pp. 16-18 Read
  10.  Sarath K S, Manu.V.Nair and P. C Reghu Raj, "Malayalam Dialect Resolution using CRFs", in proceedings of NC CLAIR-2014. pp. 11-15 Read.                               
  11.  Rekha Raj C T, Sruthi Sankar K P and Raseek C, "A Simple Approach for Monolingual Event Tracking System in Malayalam",  in proceedings of NC CLAIR-2014. pp. 8-10    Read
  12.  Nisha M, Reji Rahmath K, P. C. Reghu Raj, "A Machine Learning Approach for Malayalam Root Word Identification",  in proceedings of NC CLAIR-2014. pp. 1-4    Read               

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